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Thanks for looking into helping us create Westeros! Be sure to read everything carefully below. When you are ready, head over to the applications channel on our Discord.


You don't have to be an expert at everything! We strive to make our server fun and easy to contribute. While we do have plans to plan, processes to follow, and goals to reach we strive to not make this project feel like "work" for anyone.

If you have just a few of these skills, we encourage you to apply!

  • Construction skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Team collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Pride in craftsmanship

Overall, the role of a builder on WesterosCraft is not only about constructing virtual structures but also about contributing to the immersive experience of players exploring the rich and detailed world of Westeros within the game.

Before You Apply

  • Read through our Server Rules (
  • Either read A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, or watch the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones. You don't have to be an expert on the lore, but you must be familiar with it.
  • Check out builds on the server, specifically newer builds. This will familiarize you with the build style you will need to learn before becoming a builder.
  • Check out our Basic Building Guide ( for tips on building.
  • While we encourage applicants from all cultural and language backgrounds, our server communicates primarily through English, and we request that you complete this form in English. Fluency is not required, but we need to ensure that we can understand one another in a common language.

Starting Your Application

You must submit builds which are built using our WesterosCraft Modpack ( They must be images of your own work; do not submit builds that were built by others or with a group.

Your First Task

You must copy the house and garden which you can find on our server at /warp apphouse and build it in single player mode.

  • When exploring the apphouse, use middle click to identify the blocks you need to use. You can also press F3 and find the block name that way. If you are using our modpack, you should have an overlay top center of your screen that shows the block name.
  • Do not build on a flat world, try to situate the build within the landscape.
  • Once finished, take 5-10 images of your house, including interiors and exteriors. One of these should be an authentication image of yourself in front of your build (press F5 to change camera angle).
  • Please note that any challenges issued to you after this first build should not be copies, but instead use other existing builds as a source of inspiration.
  • At the end of this application, put the phrase "You know nothing, Jon Snow" or your application will not be approved.

How to Take Screenshots

  • Press F2 (sometimes FN+F2) take screenshots.
  • Drink a potion of nightvision so that screenshots are well-lit and details are easy to see.
  • Do not use excessive shader effects, such as lens flares.

How to Find your Screenshots

Open your launcher of choice, and select the instance where you launch the WesterosCraft modpack from. Right click on the instance, or look in the settings, for an option to open the folder where the instance is installed. Once there, navigate in the minecraft folder to the screenshots folder.


Please treat our moderators with patience and respect during the application process. They are providing many applicants with tailored feedback in addition to many other duties and may not always be able to respond as quickly as you would like. That said, feel free to "bump" your application by commenting on it after a week has passed with no response. Unless you have given us notice, applications will be automatically rejected if they become inactive.

Submitting Your Application

Now that you've read everything, you can apply! Start by joining our Discord, our main form of communication. Head over to the applications channel, copy/paste the template available there, and post your application! Don't forget to attach images of your build in your application post!

After you app is posted, a mod will reply and check your application.

Then said mod will give you a new challenge. This usually means creating a house in the style of a given location with a profession. For instance, a blacksmith's forge in Dorne. You are making this from scratch yourself.

Once you are done with the challenge, upload pictures of your build so the mod can give you feedback and tips to improve and get the basics of our style.

This will be repeated a few times, usually around 3 to 4 build challenges. They all tend to be different so that you, the applicant, can have a taste of several styles and regions, and usually increase in difficulty over time (perhaps first a farmhouse, and a high class build at the end, or a farmstead).

If your mod thinks you are ready, congrats, you are now a builder on WesterosCraft! Your mod in charge of your application will give you next steps.


  • After submitting your application and application build, you should receive a response from a moderator within one week. Sometimes it can take longer - please bump your application only after more than a week of inactivity.
  • A moderator will respond with some feedback and issue you build challenges. Complete each challenge (take your time!) and upload screenshots your application.
  • You must continue to complete challenges until your skill level is deemed sufficient to become a builder. There is no fixed number of challenges nor is there a guarantee on how long an application will take to be approved, be patient and pay close attention to the feedback you are given.


Community Rules
Basic Building Guide