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Call for RTX Donations!

pizzainacup ADMIN posted Jul 14, 15

First off, I'd like to apologize. I'd like to apologize for not asking enough money during the Indiegogo campaign, and I'd like to apologize for having to ask for community donations now. Unforeseen expenses associated with the booth came up which include electricity fees, shipping fees for supplies (that I assumed would be free due to my Amazon Prime shipping but was not the case) and just general random knickknacks needed for constructing the Iron Throne and painting the banners (which look awesome by the way!). I contribute all of this to first time gaming convention experience and if WesterosCraft ever goes to another one, we will be better prepared in the future!

Good news is, I believe ALL of the necessary booth supplies have been purchased and nothing else needs to be bought in that regards.

However, there's a couple of things that are considered 'optional' but I would, and I know many people would, like to see at our booth. Stickers, and business cards with information about our server on them. For 500 stickers, it would cost around $150 to have them printed and shipped. Business cards would be around $70. I think purchasing both of these items would greatly increase our overall booth presence at RTX!

With our remaining budget, I'd like to raise an addition $150. More than that could only get us more stickers/business cards to hand out. Any help is much appreciated.

To donate, please go here: https://secure.squarespace.com/commerce/donate?donatePageId=54bb0e99e4b0ac034b2724c6

For paypal donations, please donate here: https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/pizzainacup

I will keep a total amount of donations here: $270/$150

Thank you!


Hello Westeros! This resource pack has been a long time coming, sorry about the wait! It's more or less a cumulation of a bunch of server build related blocks, 1.7.10 fixes, and a few other additions/changes.

To download it, merely press "Update" when the launcher prompts you to. Make sure you switch back to using the default WesterosCraft resource pack as well, if you aren't already.

Without further ado, here is the full list of changes:

-Added “random” variant of iron throne sword texture
-Added dead rat texture specifically for Flea Bottom
-Added profession signs (only for use in large cities)
-Added dirty white version of Winterfell granite for White Harbor
-Added white cobble for White Harbor and corresponding stairs, slabs, and wall block
-Added stairs, slabs, wall, and arrow slit for Winterfell Granite
-Added Northern variants to hanging food (also added goose to fowl ctm in plains etc)
-Added hopper for small white brick
-Added black basalt transition block and corresponding stairs, slabs, wall, and arrow slit
-Added vertical CTM to arrow slits
-Added four blocks for Mance’s Camp: Two fur/hide blocks for common tents, one for Mance’s tent, and a canon antlers block for Mance’s tent only
-Added King’s Landing sewer manhole block
-Added new CTM for testing purposes to Winterfell Carving block
-Changed baelors orbs to new cuboid block model
-Changed lantern to emit less intense light
-Changed cobblestone and stone brick to be a little darker in Jungle biome
-Changed clay, red sandstone, and coarse red sandstone to be darker in Jungle biome
-Changed torch texture to have a more realistic sconce
-Fixed some blocks with incorrect top textures (northern carvings, mossy log)
-Fixed deprecated renderPass methods (3->overlay, 0->solid, etc)
-Fixed light gray wool being slightly different than the carpet
-Fixed oversaturated stained glass
-Fixed issues with transparent textures disappearing in front of glass blocks

Region Specific Blocks

Some of the new blocks are strictly region or build specific:

-Profession signs are only to be used in large cities and villages, where the use of item frames causes significant lag- i.e. Stoney Sept, King's Landing, etc. There are two issues with using them in small villages: First, it doesn't make sense from a logical standpoint: Imagine you're a member of a tiny village, where everybody knows everybody. You don't need a sign to know who the baker is. Secondly, using them in small villages will make every single previous one outdated, so if somebody is willing to step up and update every single one with profession signs, I might be willing to hear a case otherwise.

-Baelor colored glass orbs are only to be used in the Great Sept of Baelor.

-The Flea Bottom rat texture is only meant to be used in Flea Bottom. I hope the reasoning for this is intuitive to people; rats are supposed to be particularly foul-tasting, and only in a canonically dense, overpopulated, and impoverished area such as Flea Bottom would people resort to eating rats.

-King's Landing manhole covers are only meant to be used in King's Landing, for the sewers.

-Mance's Camp blocks- including the large elk antlers block (canon on Mance's tent)- are only to be used for Mance's Camp and possibly other clans north of the wall.

-The Winterfell carving block is only to be used in Winterfell, and is only temporary regardless.

-The two White Harbor blocks are the main building material for White Harbor only, and Black Basalt is a main building material for Stormland Marches and Cracklaw Point castles. Other uses of the blocks, as accent materials, etc. are fair game, as per this post:

The above also applies to whatever blocks weren't covered.

Apologies that most of the blocks added are restricted somehow, however as mentioned, the update consists mostly of localized requests in order to improve the quality of important builds.

Things to look out for

-A white brick hopper has been added, so if you've inconveniently used a pink reach brick hopper in a white brick castle, please change that.

-Arrow slit CTM has been added, and is quite an awesome feature! Unfortunately, in order to get the CTM to work (specifically, to remove top/bottom faces inbetween arrow slit blocks ruining the effect) the top and bottom faces of the arrow slit blocks had to be removed. This was the best possible solution available. Unfortunately, it means that any use of the arrow slit block as a hole in a surface, or horizontal arrow slit, are now broken. At the very worst, there's just a 1x1 hole in the ground now instead of a small arrow slit shaped one, however if you've done this, please try to fix it.

-In addition to the above, while 2x1 arrow slits were common before, 3x1 arrow slits, which is optimal for the CTM, weren't. Feel free to update your own builds with 3x1 arrow slits, however don't touch other people's builds without permission (as per usual).

-While this update fixes a lot of issues from 1.7.10, there are still many that are more complicated to fix. Some examples of this are stained glass lacking backface culling, flowerpots not showing CTM, the brazier top texture not transparent, and fruit on leaf blocks overly dark. We are still looking into fixing these, but this fix might not be for a while.

Thanks again for the patience in waiting for this update! Happy building!

Hey everyone!

In order to get the KL hype machine going again, this weekend we're going to be opening Cobbler's Square as a server build! This area has a very pretty and unique germanic style, so be there if you can!

The server build will start on 4:30 PM EST (8:30 PM GMT) on Saturday, May 2nd (for those of you down under, this would be Sunday morning). Please make sure you have Teamspeak for this event, you don't need to talk but you must use it so we can properly organize the event.

In the meantime, please familiarize yourselves with the style, both on the square and in the transition areas, at /warp cobblerssquare.

See you all there!