Casterly Rock part 2

pizzainacup ADMIN posted 23 hours ago
Casterly Rock has come along super quick!  Only a few parts remain, the most important being the top keep.  We will start it this coming Saturday at 3pm CST.  Thats 8pm GMT.

Filming will be in progress.

See ya then!

edit:  I realize a lot of you wont be able to make this time, however its the best that worked for codd and me and a good chunk of you i know will be there!  Also, for the top keep we wont need 50+ people so its probably for the best :)  thanks everyone 


FlemishGuard E 3pm CST is 9pm GMT and not 8pm GMT if I'm not mistaken. And that's pretty late for us Europeans ...
Nemeko Thats pretty late :/
dieRike Cool, I'll join you after lunch when the baby is asleep. I guess I first have to finish that goldsmith's house though, r ...
The test client and server are updated with new RP and with WB 1.7-alpha-1 (containing the block updates). Please give it a look!

In order to do so select the "Test Server" instance in the launcher, click "update" and then "start". Once it has loaded, simply connect to the only server in the selection. Direct feedback into this thread please! :)

The final release of this pack onto the production server is dependent on the feedback we get.

Knight_Krawler really good, I like the always burning furnaces and the cornish shutters.
QuikFox But oh, those carved wooden dornish windows. My god, how fantastic.
QuikFox You know what I don't see? Metal wall blocks. > ...
Hey guys,
please stop adding solid materials to flags and sails. It may have negative effects on certain gameplay aspects in the RPG later on. In general, whenever you are using a block in an ambiguous manner it makes things for the development a bit more complicated. So please stick to the intended use of the blocks (expressed through the label)!

The mods are going to discuss the issue with clay/plaster blocks used in wool. Until then, stick to wool blocks only!

On a sidenote, when you are using Teamspeak make sure to read the Teamspeak Rules! Cutting into each other or talking over each other is extremely annoying especially during hectic server builds.

Thank you,
KokitoCraft in my humble opinion, i think that this kind of issues should be posted on the Forum and not in the First page where use ...
Emoticone11 Mod Wood, if anything, is more acceptable, since it at least shares more similar properties with wool. However, the mods wil ...
kesin13 o Is the texture pack team willing to supply us with additional wool colors? So many ships in Stannis' fleet use wood as a ...

Casterly Rock

pizzainacup ADMIN posted Apr 8, 14
Its that time again!  The date for the Casterly Rock build will be Saturday, April 19th at 12:15pm CST.   
Thats 5:15pm GMT

This may be subject to change.  This one will be led by thecoddfish and our very own TXI.  Be there!  As always, be sure to /warp casterlyrock and read and relevant information to the build.  See ya then!

BlazeMcNight I stopped by to take a peak and you guys are doing great work. I wish I could have gotten my build application done in t ...
MrHambone @ WesterosCraft
Just to be clear this is 12:15 AM Central Standard Time not 12:15 PM. Correct?
skull2236242 Huzzar!

New Probation Period

Galivis Modo posted Apr 2, 14
Hey everyone, we have a rather large announcement to make! Starting today, a "probation" period for all newly approved builders will be instated. Before anyone gets worried, this policy only applies to new builders who are approved from this point forward. Keep in mind, probationary builders are to be considered builders and should be treated as such. Now, a quick summary of how the probation period will work.

The probation period will last 4 weeks during which the new builders will:
  1. Be required to build at least 5 houses.
  2. Not be able to lead a project or holdfast.
  3. Not get their own test plot.
At the end of the four week period the builder will be evaluated and either A) taken off probation, B) given another month of probation, or C) demoted and asked to reapply.

The goal of this is to ensure that new builders are quickly woven into our community. Hopefully, the lime green [N] in their names will encourage our older builders to welcome and congratulate them, as well as provide feedback and pointers.

If you would like to know more about this new policy, check out the New Builders Guide found here: (http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Newbie_guide ).

davinator4O1 Mod Those concerned with the test plots, this is what galv said on the news subforum: "At the moment we don't want the ...
victhree First of all: I would like to say hello, I recently registered after some weeks exploring the map and I'm sure I'll have ...
Wordsmith92 Wondering what sparked this. Was the person who created that one terribad Lannisport plot from a while ago found?
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