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New website!

pizzainacup ADMIN posted Apr 13, 15

You may have noticed something; we've gotten a brand new website design to better serve the community and take us to a new level of professionalism.  I hope you enjoy!  Please leave comments and feedback here:


Emoticone11 Mod Thanks AT SLAYER ...
AT SLAYER Did I say I loved your server?
AT SLAYER I love these walkthroughs - Very cool stuff!

Well that is that!  We are fully funded in a week and I could not be more grateful to all those out there who have supported this server in this endeavor.  Thanks again to all who contributed, and keep an eye out on future updates.  Shipment for all perk items EXCEPT the banner packages will be in late April, I will notify you if there is any sort of delay on that timeframe.

Also, if you are still wanting to donate, please do so!  All extra funds will go towards more swag at the booth, and towards a new website update.  Thank you, and heres to the future of this awesome server and community.


KokitoCraft E hahaha
ZeRamenGuy Does this mean we can finally get rid of the pop-up?