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We have several different ways to start exploring the server and have compiled guides on all the suggested ways below! Be sure to read the guides in full.

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Get Started

WesterosCraft uses several mods and plugins to aid our realistic and book accurate version of Westeros. In order to get you in the server and exploring what we've built so far as easy as possible, we've compiled several ways you can get the mods and plugins you need to be able to connect below.

Be sure to read the guides thoroughly, and if you need any help, feel free to check out the tech support forum!

The easiest way to start exploring

We've compiled some of the easiest custom launchers to aid in getting WesterosCraft up and running as quick and painless as possible!


GDLauncher is a simple Minecraft custom launcher with a strong focus on the user experience.

  • Modern and easy to use UI
  • Browse and Download CurseForge's Modpacks
  • Support for Vanilla, Forge and Fabric


Dedicated app for handling mods and addons, not just for Minecraft but other games as well.

  • Quick and responsive
  • Supports mod authors
  • Connected to central modpack repository
  • Built in mods manager
  • Auto java setup


MultiMC allows for multiple, separated instances of Minecraft and helps you manage them.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy installation of common mod loaders
  • Import modpacks from many platforms

Other Ways To Join

Don't want to download a third party program or for whatever reason they won't work for you? There are other options for you!

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