Hoarfrost Hill

Project details

  1. Region

    The Wall

  2. House

    Night's Watch

  3. Status


  4. Date started

    September 20, 2019

  1. Type


  2. Warp

    /warp hoarfrosthill

  3. Project lead(s)


  4. Date completed

    April 7, 2020

Hoarfrost Hill is a ruined castle of the wall. Its was abandoned by the watch years ago, when their resources started to decline.


- Hoarfrosthill - The main location of the project, its the ruined castle. It stands on rocky hill overlooking a blue lake. The surrounding forests are misty and frosty, hence the name of the castle.

- Hoarfrostvillage - A inhabited village/hamlet in the new gift serving the wall, and paying tax to the nearby active Shadow Tower. It has a small keep in it to protect the village from raiding wildlings. Close to the village is a big lake, where they fish.