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HouseHouse Yew
Warp/warp bowmanshill
Project Lead(s)Steineke96
Date StartedMay 12, 2015
Date CompletedMay 12, 2015

House Yew is a knightly house from The Westerlands. Their seat is a small towerhouse located on the side of a mountain, called Bowman’s Hill and is located in a valley slightly south of the Goldroad. They are known for their bow making workshops, this is also depicted on their sigil, which is a golden longbow on white between two crimson flaunches. Another reference to their bow workshops is their name, Yew, a tree from which the wood is often used for making bows.


  1. Towerhouse, this is where members of House Yew lives. It is a small tower with a gatehouse and a courtyard located on the side of a mountain. It is made out of sandstone with red roofs.
  2. Hamlet, located in the valley. Inhabitants are mostly farmers and bow craftsmen. It is surrounded by fields.
  3. Mine, at the other side of the valley. It is used to mine iron.
  4. Watchtower, can be found at the entrance of the valley and is used to warn the towerhouse in case of approching hostile troops.


Bowman’s Hill was built by Steineke96. Construction started in May 2014, and was finished about a month later.


Bowman’s Hill is mostly inspired by other Westerlands builds, for example Casterly Rock.

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