The Arbor

Project Details

HouseHouse Redwyne
Warp/warp arbor
Date StartedFebruary 8, 2023
Date CompletedFebruary 8, 2023

Starfish Harbor, Sunset Cove, Vinetown, Ryamsport, and the islands of Horseshoe Rock, Bastard's Cradle, Mermaid's Palace, Stonecrab Cay, and the Isle of Pigs are all within Redwyne lands and considered part of the greater Arbor project.

House Farrow, a house with no canon location, has been assigned to the Arbor project as a vassal lord of the Isle of Pigs. House Farrow has links to Highgarden, and Farrow is a word meaning "a litter of pigs" so it was felt appropriate to the location.

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