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Hutcheson is small noble house from the Reach situated southwest of Horn Hill. It borders the Red Mountains in the south. Their sigil has two red bendelets on gold with a red hand pointing to a sun. This could signify that they warn the reach about incoming Dornish attacks. Their words are not know.


  1. The Main Castle is situated on the edge of the mountains. It overlooks a valley on both sides.
  2. Holdfast 1, situated on the northern border next to Oldflowers and Horn Hill, consists of a holdfast and 4 houses.
  3. Hamlet 1, consisting of six houses, is situated between the castle and the holdfast. Most inhabitants work in the nearby glass factory, others in the woods or the fields.
  4. Hutcheson village is located west of the castle, bordering Woodwright. The village has a sept and eleven houses. It has some professions like a baker and a butcher. Most people work on the nearby fields and pastures.


Hutcheson is located on the border of the Red Mountains, so it has a rocky terrain. The eastern part, consists of a pine forest while fields and leafy forests dominate the west. The west/northwest is more hilly than mountainous.


The castle was mostly inspired by Castle Bled, located near Lake Bled in Slovenia.

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