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HouseHouse Cordwayner
Warp/warp hammerhal
Project Lead(s)ViserysII
Date StartedAugust 31, 2020
Date CompletedSeptember 16, 2021

House Cordwayner is a noble house of the Reach sworn to House Tyrell of Highgarden. Their lands are situated in the south of the Reach, in between Oldtown and Woodwright, and it's important to point out that one of the major roads of Westeros passes through Hammerhal, the Roseroad. Hammerhal is notable for their beekeeping industry, which provides honey and mead to the entire region, competing only with Honeyholt. The house sigil is two black boots on a field of green and gold diamonds. Their words do not appear.


Hammerhal is a quaint castle located atop a hill in the eastern part of their lands, overlooking the main village and the meadery right in front of it. /warp hammerhal

Hammertown is a lovely village located in the south of Hammerhal, which serves as a local trade area where the farmers can sell their goods to merchants and travelers coming through the Roseroad. /warp hammertown

There are three facilities which are worth visiting, the tannery right next to the Honeywine, the vineyard situated in the south close to Hammertown, and last but not least the meadery, you can have a great view of the castle from this one. /warp hhtannery /warp hhvineyard /warp hhmead


ViserysII began to work on Hammerhal on 31st of August 2020 and finished it within a year on 16th of September 2021.

Vis started by clearing out all the old houses & trees and turning everything into green wool to get the terraforming started. Then, marked down where everything would be, including minis, forests, the village, and the castle.

After that, the main village and the minis were opened up, they took some time to get done but in the meanwhile, the forest and the castle were being worked on by Vis.

The only thing left to do was the detailing process, Vis went over every single house reviewing and fixing things. After all that the project was then completed.


The castle was inspired by Stolberg Castle (Germany) and Vianden Castle (Luxembourg). The rural architecture was inspired by Gaunt, Holyhall, and Woodwright.

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