Wells (North)

Wells (North)

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HouseHouse Wells (North)
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Date StartedDecember 16, 2019
Date CompletedDecember 16, 2019

House Wells is a noble house from The North, located between Torrhen's Square and Barrowton. There is no documented history of this house and their words are not known.


Castle: The seat of house Wells is located on a hill with a good view over the surrounding lands. To its feat lays the main village, inhabited mostly by farmers and fishermen.

Holdfasts: There are two fortified structures besides the castle. One holdfast is located west of the main keep, while another was built on a hill surrounded by forest south of the castle.

Other Buildings

- A lumberjack camp west of the main keep; they provide both firewood and building material.

- A peat farm located even further west in a bog; they provide mostly fuel.

- The lords horse breeder near the main village.

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