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Date StartedDecember 24, 2018
Date CompletedSeptember 25, 2023

Wyl is a castle located in the north of Dorne, on the border between The Stormlands and Dorne. House Wyl played a big part during the wars of conquest when they captured Orys Baratheon and cut his and his knight’s hands off. They later on held Aemon the Dragonknight hostage, suspending him above a pit of snakes. Their sigil is a black adder biting a heel on a yellow field.


  1. The castle is a quite defensible stronghold, forcing people to go underground in order to get to the keep. There are three main towers: the lord’s tower, the guest’s tower and the staff tower.
  2. The main village, located north of the castle is comprised of a small market, an inn and a brothel. It is one of the first places people stop in when entering Dorne.
  3. The drawbridge, situated on the river Wyl, can be raised or lowered to prevent people from accessing Dorne.
  4. House Wyl’s flagship located to the east of the castle is a three masted galley used by the Wyls to protect the entrance to the river. It has an adder as a prow that surrounds the ship with it’s black colours.
  5. The Caravanserai, build by InfinityMe, situated to the west along the boneway, used by travellers wanting to rest.


The first verion of Wyl was done by jMp007 in 2015, the construction took about 4 months to finish.
Wyl is currently being redone by Endymion.

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