Extinct Houses of Dorne

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Date StartedSeptember 24, 2023
Date CompletedSeptember 24, 2023

There are several canon extinct houses of Dorne, the ruins of which might be built together as a Megabuild, or split off separately as full projects or Mini Builds.

These houses were among the dozen First Men houses of the Greenblood who chose a High King of Dorne from among their number. Three of the houses (unspecified) were destroyed after a generation of warfare following a disputed election. The remaining houses were conquered during the Andal invasion.

They are:

House Lake
House Briar
House Brook
House Brownhill
House Holt - Possibly related to House Holt of the North, their former seat might have been Hellholt.
House Hull
House Wade
House Shell - Possibly related to House Shell of the Vale

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