Solo Project Application Guidelines

Solo build projects are the bread and butter of WesterosCraft. Most of these projects concentrate on canon locations within the Song of Ice and Fire universe, have one or two project leaders, and enlist the help of many others in their construction. Solo projects can range from the very small (Crossroads Inn) to the very large (Fairmarket).

Choosing a Project

Viability: Any location found on our Progress Page and on our Wiki can be considered significant enough to be a solo project.

Location: Most canon locations already have in-game warps placed according to canon details. You are welcome to make a case for the relocation of the warp in your project application. Check out the Map Repository.

Redo: If you are considering redoing an old project, please consult the Official No-Redo Rule.

Foster: If you are interested in completing or "fostering" an abandoned project, please check out the Projects Orphanage.

Before Applying

Rank: In order to apply you need to be a full, non-probationary builder.

Experience: You need to have successfully have planned, lead, and completed at least 1 "mini build". This can be a holdfast or hamlet belonging to a project application of another builder, or an immersion build.

Application Format

Project applications should be posted in the subforum corresponding to the project's region. Thread titles should be formatted as the following: “Project Application:” + [Project Name] by [Builder name(s)].

In the body of the thread or in an attached Google doc or PDF you must include the following information:

Project Title
Builder name(s)
Resumé of previous builds


What information about the project or surrounding region can you find in the books (or on A Search of Ice and Fire) or on secondary sources like A Wiki of Ice and Fire or The Citadel?

What type of real world locations and buildings (or other sources) have influenced your plans? What type of feel are you going for?

Outline your specific plans with as much detail as possible. These plans can include maps, minis, layouts, and anything else you feel you need for the project.

Tests for castles must include: gradient, facade, wall, and tower tests
Tests for towns/villages must include: facade tests for all relevant house classes; Can include: special buildings like guildhalls, septs, etc.
Tests for terrain (optional)

After Submission

Approval: The project application must be approved by at least two moderators before it can begin.

Completion: Once your project app has been approved, you are required to finish the project to 100% incl. all holdfasts/ terraforming/ side projects and wiki article. It is your responsibility to see to the completion of all parts of your project, even those that you have allowed others to contribute on.

Post Approval: After you have completed your project to 100%, the moderators who originally approved the application will do a final quality check and post-approve the project once

Cooling Off Period: Once you are fully post-approved, you must wait at least one week before you can submit another project application.

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