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  1. geeberry
    Hey guys please use the support forum instead of my profile you will find better help there :)
  2. OhThatKidLiam
    OhThatKidLiam geeberry
    ehh guys i think I got it down just delete your WesterosCraft file then re-install! u can save your singleplayer worlds by cuting them into a seperate folder then just paste them back into your reinstalled Westeros folder
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  3. TeaRex
    TeaRex geeberry
    I've successfully registered and downloaded the launcher. After hitting "update" and then "launch minecraft" nothing happens. I cannot actually get onto the server! Please send help! :(
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  4. Lord Jamie Rodriguez
    Lord Jamie Rodriguez geeberry
    Hi mr. Geeberry.
    Im having some problems trying to initiate the launcher, when i have all up to date i touch the button: launch minecraft, but nothing happens, if you would be so kindly to help me i will be so happy to help in this amazing project.
    Sincerely Lord Jamie
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    2. TeaRex
      Same problem!
      Sep 19, 2017 at 4:16 PM
  5. Lord Thorin
    Lord Thorin illblew
    boujour illblew je ne trouve aucune adresse IP our le serveur WesterosCraft pourais tu m'aidé si te plais
  6. Lord Thorin
    Lord Thorin geeberry
    Bonjour geeberry j'ai un problème je ne trouve aucune adresse IP pour le serveur WesterosCraft peux tu m'aidé si te plais
  7. Luciano_I
    Still traveling around the world, gathering inspiration to finally start a proyect of my own
  8. BillyHycle
  9. Ronaldduh
  10. mirlviorgo
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  11. Zade Roxel
  12. Ammika
    What's up im Sarah im 19 and I never learned how to fucking read
  13. veronicaoftarth
    needing help w/ installing
  14. Ronaldduh
  15. WIICHART24
  16. OhThatKidLiam
  17. cmk908
    Hey Yall!! How's it hangin?!?!?! Just Registered about get it on like Cersie and Jaime
  18. Keshico
    Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.
  19. Enah
    I am advancing in phone tech. Getting a i6e or some crap
  20. pozyczkaLublin