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All The Ways to Experience Westeros

WesterosCraft is a big, ambitious project with goals both lofty and complex. What started out as a small passion project, it quickly grew into the community it is today. We want to make sure that anyone can experience the project, whether you can build creatively or not. WesterosCraft is free to explore if you own a copy of Minecraft. We've made it easy to join our server through a custom launcher designed to make it easy. We also have a detailed Wiki of a lot of our builds featuring pictures, videos and more information.

The custom launcher is designed with ease of use in mind, whilst still being familiar to anyone who has played Minecraft before. Since experiencing WesterosCraft requires multiple custom made assets, including our own custom pack and several mods, we've developed the WesterosCraft launcher to help ease the transition. None of your credentials are stored with us, it's all handled through Mojangs servers.

Anyone can join WesterosCraft and look around and explore the entire map. Only the best of the best, however, get to help us build it. We have a rigorous application process that helps us narrow down and select creative and amazing Minecraft builders. We use the applications to identify people with potential as well, and help guide them through our building process to make sure they will be a good fit. Want to join the team? Then apply today, and be sure the read the application carefully!

If you want to read and learn more both about Westeros and WesterosCraft, we've got you covered. Our highly detailed Chronicle contains up to date information on every build completed on our server, and even builds in progress. It also contains guidelines and rules to being a better builder on our server.