The North Style Guide

The North Style Guide is a comprehensive guide of building styles in the North that is supposed to help builders determine the look of new builds, provide a common nomenclature and consistency across the region.The style guide is based on information from the books as well as inspiration from Northern European (mostly Scandinavia and Russia) medieval construction style. Be sure to check out /warp regiontestnorth for in-game examples and tips.


Substyle zones

The North is divided into three stylistic zones. Although the North style distribution is consistent within its region, it has some minor variations for different subsections. For example, the Blue zone features stone more than the northernmost region, while the northernmost region features wood more than the southernmost region. To further partition the North to insure a coherent transition to full winter, the north is divided into three seasonal zones: Autumn, partly Winter and full Winter. (Note: The seasonal map does not completely depict the extent of the regions. Please use judgement to decide which region any given build falls into) Autumn areas use the Extreme Hills biome, while winter areas use Taiga and Ice Plains.

Blue Zone is the most southern of the zones, and its style is closer to the rest of Westeros. While the other zones are mostly focused on wood, blue zone features stone more heavily as a material. It is the only zone that allows daub and wattle walls as well as gray slate roofs. Notable locations are White Harbor, Flint’s Finger and Moat Cailin

Green Zone is the most generic of the three, without much separating it from the others. It does not use all of the blocks available in Blue Zone, but is less restricted than Red Zone. Notable locations are Winterfell, Barrowton, The Rills and Deepwood Motte.

Red Zone is the northernmost zone. A lot of this area will be in either partly or full winter. It focuses even more on wood than Green Zone, and also thatch is not to be used here at all. Stick to sod roofs, steep wooden roofs and snow covered roofs. Notable locations are Karhold, Last Hearth, Bear Island and Dreadfort.

Exterior Style

Short description and real world references

Most structures should be comprised primarily of wood and stone. The North, being marked with numerous forests, lends itself to a more wood dependent palette than other similar styles (read: The Iron Islands). Foundations in the North often raise the building a bit above ground, either by regular stone foundations or by poles. This was mainly to keep the weather and rodents outside. Sunken buildings are reserved for primitive builds like the clans. Square or rectangular towers would appear more often than drum towers.

Some references: