Hey guys an area with various christmas activities has been made (/warp christmas2018) and there is a contest area there which we can have a christmas themed contest, however there wont be a prize, only a kiss on the cheek from me... There is also a pictionary game, we could all get on discord and try and play it say... 20th Decmber at 7PM GMT?
I hope you guys find it fun and jolly!
EDIT: Everything is good now, the server is back up!

Hey everyone,

The server's facing temporary downtime currently due to issues restarting. It should be back up as soon as one of the admins can kill the hanging process and bring it back.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!

Hey all, dear westeroscrafters,

As you may have noticed, our precious test world is crowded and now a complete mess. Many areas are used to test for everything, sometimes with the permission of mods, sometimes not; there's a new habit to test for whole castles while we only ask for gradient/wall test; as our level of detailing and building and our inventory expand, we're creating more and more magnificent stuff; and the result is that we don't have any more space for anything.
As all plots are currently occupied, we need to create new ones. We could just move stuff nearby, and add a new row, and wait for them to be occupied, and start over, and over, but without resolving our main problem: we need larger plots!! :D

All this is to say that to get to this long-waited progression, we'll need the cooperation of everybody.
First, from now on to the moment everybody gets their larger plots, no permission will be granted to test outside of plots and playground (with the specificities of testing in playground).
Second, every test and creation in testworld, outside of plots (meaning, everywhere except plots: playground, testing areas, misc, etc.), will have to be tagged before Sunday 16th of September. From this date, they may be removed without any other warning. You may argue that the given period is short, but what is asking here as always been asked, and this is no news that you have to tag your builds.
Third, to simplify our work to make this transition faster and easier for everybody, we kindly request you to move ASAP every test and creation that is currently outside of your plot, playground or any allowed testing area (for example, OT and HG testing areas).

We will work as fast as possible to give you all new shiny large plots (i.e. 200x200), but the more you help us, the faster we can do it! :D

After this transition is made, no permission shall be granted to test outside of plots and playground.
Please, excuse us for the inconvenience cause during the...
The Kingsroad Starts Here
Join WesterosCraft without worrying about installing Java, Forge, or other mods.

I'm proud to announce the release of our new launcher. Developed using the latest technologies with a heavy emphasis on usability, the launcher aims to provide users with a seamless and downright elegant way to join WesterosCraft.

  • Full account management.
    • Add multiple accounts and easily switch between them.
    • Credentials are never stored and transmitted directly to Mojang.
  • Efficient asset management.
    • Receive client updates as soon as we release them.
    • Files are validated before launch. Corrupt or incorrect files will be redownloaded.
  • Powerful mod management.
  • ☕ Automatic Java validation.
    • If you have an incompatible version of Java installed, we'll install the right one for you.
    • You do not need to have Java installed to run the launcher.
  • News feed natively built into the launcher.
  • ⚙️ Intuitive settings management, including a Java control panel.
  • Supports all of our servers.
    • Switch between server configurations with ease.
    • View the player count of the selected server.
  • Automatic updates. That's right, the launcher updates itself.
  • View the status of Mojang's services.

Download Now from WesterosCraft.com/launcher.
If you are having any issues, check out our brief...​
This Friday, the 2018 Summer contest will begin! We know It's short notice, but we hope this doesn't cause to many problems, and means you'll get plenty of time to work on your builds!

We've chosen the theme "Science and Magic" as we believe this is an untapped area of build that should be encouraged more.

On behalf of Pizza and all of us on the mod team, thank you, nameste, and good luck!

EDIT (09/14/18):

Hello fellow Westerosi!
25 players took part in this years Summer Contest: Science and Magic. This very experimental topic lead to great, creative contributions. Now the judges of the contest have spoken and, admittedly a bit late, here are the results:

At 1. Place, wining a $20 Amazon gift card: @Thamus_Knoward !
We have a shared 2. Place with @Ammika and @endymion21 both winning a $15 Amazon gift card!

All votes can be seen here.

Please contact @geeberry to receive your prize.

Thanks to everyone who participated!
[5/29/2018] As of 8:10pm EST the Network issues have been resolved. We thank you for your patience. <3

Hello everyone,

We are currently experiencing issues with our network. The issue started yesterday and It has been causing issues related to crashes and extreme latency. We do apologize for any Inconvenience this may cause to our guests and new members.

Please be patient <3

With Love,

Hey everyone, the old forums will be up for 3 days as of now, giving people plenty of opportunity to grab threads they need:


Please, feel free to grab any thread you feel is important, regardless of whether you made it or not.

Make sure to search the new forums before transferring a thread, to make sure that thread doesn't already exist. Make sure to transfer the thread to the correct corresponding subforum here. If there are multiple important posts, you can press "quote" on the old forums and copy/paste the contents of each post into the OP of the new thread. Make sure to put them in chronological order.

If you transfer a thread other than a personal project application, please make a post in this thread with the name of the thread you transferred.

Reminder: All of the threads on the old forum are backed up and will not be lost, however they are unfortunately in a format which is difficult to import into the new forums. For now, we have to transfer threads manually.
Hello fellow Westerosi! Arkilstorm and myself and the spare builder or two have labored over the past few months to bring you the glories and plenty of Highgarden! We will be opening the main town for building and recording to gather footage for the V&A exhibit. The build will start on Sunday, May 27th at 3pm GMT (11am EST)

What we are doing is building the houses, gradients for in-place structures and infrastructure construction (roads, ditches, trees) and depending on how quickly this goes, may even start on the sprawl and other villages. Remember, this is one of the most prosperous and wealthy areas in the Seven Kingdoms! So, this means we will be coordinating via discord, if at all possible.

So, be prepared to build cute Reach houses y’all!
To complete our mitigation against the recent Meltdown & Spectre (v1 and v2) CPU vulnerabilities, the downtime of WesterosCraft public services will start at the times below and could last up to 1 hour:

Website Downtime
2018-05-01 5:00:00 AM UTC

Server Downtime
2018-05-03 6:00:00 AM UTC

This expected downtime/maintenance is a follow up to the previous maintenance outlined in this post. We do not expect any further downtime of this nature in the near future. Thank you for your understanding in advance!
Some exciting news - I am pleased to announce WesterosCraft will be part of an exhibition about video games at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London! The show launches September 8th, 2018. For more information, visit https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/videogames

We may be planning some new videos for the show, and with that comes group builds and timelapses! Stay tuned for more info!

If you plan on going later this year, let us know!