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Some exciting news - I am pleased to announce WesterosCraft will be part of an exhibition about video games at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London! The show launches September 8th, 2018. For more information, visit https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/videogames

We may be planning some new videos for the show, and with that comes group builds and timelapses! Stay tuned for more info!

If you plan on going later this year, let us know!
Hey everyone, the old forums will be up for 3 days as of now, giving people plenty of opportunity to grab threads they need:


Please, feel free to grab any thread you feel is important, regardless of whether you made it or not.

Make sure to search the new forums before transferring a thread, to make sure that thread doesn't already exist. Make sure to transfer the thread to the correct corresponding subforum here. If there are multiple important posts, you can press "quote" on the old forums and copy/paste the contents of each post into the OP of the new thread. Make sure to put them in chronological order.

If you transfer a thread other than a personal project application, please make a post in this thread with the name of the thread you transferred.

Reminder: All of the threads on the old forum are backed up and will not be lost, however they are unfortunately in a format which is difficult to import into the new forums. For now, we have to transfer threads manually.
A Game of Blocks MMO
Ascent through the ranks of Westerosi Politics, from a common peasant to a high lord during the confusion of the “War of the Five Kings”. Gain riches by trade, make allies by clever diplomacy, sow chaos with false truces and win fierce battles in your pursuit towards the Iron Throne.

First person role-playing real-time strategy

Key Features
  • Build your own future by participating in a player-dependent political framework that affects every individual in game.
  • Team up with other players to manage all aspects of a Westerosi Family: gain resources, trade, raise taxes, make friends and allies, fight enemies.
  • Combine the Crafting and Gathering of Minecraft with the political complexity of the Seven Kingdoms and the vast continent of Westeros.
  • Explore a giant persistent map set amidst an alternate “War of the Five Kings”.
  • Participate in real-time politics & social interactions.

General Gameplay
  • A massively multiplayer online experience in which the player may progress through 3 stages of political influence each providing a new set of challenges.
  • As a Commoner, its all about advancing your character: PvE (& possibly PvP) questing & exploration are the main challenges.
  • As a Kinsman, you start to shape the fate of Westeros by joining a Family. Choose your friends and foes carefully, as this stage relies heavily on PvP interactions through trade or combat or intrigues.
  • As a Warden, you are in command of an entire region by making political decisions about taxes, bonuses, war and peace. How long can you manage to stay on top before your peasants turn on you?
  • Choose 1 out of 3 classes that define your character and develop a playstyle that you prefer: Warrior,...
A number of serious security vulnerabilities affecting multiple CPU architectures were recently disclosed by Google's Project Zero team. In order to address the disclosed vulnerabilities, the physical hardware on which our server resides will need to undergo maintenance at 2018-01-19 12:00 AM EST. This is the first of several separate maintenances that will be necessary to fully mitigate these vulnerabilities. This maintenance specifically patches the Meltdown vulnerability; the Spectre vulnerability will be addressed in a future maintenance cycle. We will inform you of these maintenance cycles via additional tickets.

This downtime should last less than 2 hours. Thank you for your understanding in advance!

- Will
Hi builders and guests, you've waited so long for it, but here it is now! The Christmas Event is now open! :D

@Aslanio , with the help of @Cedo @Wazgamer and @Contra, has prepared some activities for you, to enjoy your Christmas and New Year's celebrations on WesterosCraft. We thank you all guys!

And here's what they've made for you:
Useful warps:
- warp christmas
- warp contest

Contest: generic christmas theme, but you build in a snowglobe!!
It starts now, and will end around New Year, prize is to be determined.

Event calendar:
- PVP: Monday 18th, 8pm GMT
- Pictionary: Tuesday 19th, 8pm GMT
Those aren't final, and people are free to play whenever they want.

What you'll find there: pictionary, contest, sledging, hardcore parkour, maze, pvp/archery, and the WIP Nativity.

Hope you'll enjoy it, and we wish you all merry Christmas on WesterosCraft! :)
Hello and thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding in the move to this new community. There are a few reasons why we made the switch. Enjin was clunky, slow, expensive and just wasn't keeping up with our community needs in a number of ways. The new system, Xenforo, is hosted on our own system courtesy of Linode. We have a lot more freedom to personalize and centralize things on our site now, instead of using external systems. We have a few new features with the new site, some are still under construction. Some of these features are:

  • a media uploading system via the 'Media' tab in the navbar. Builders and up now have to ability to upload their own WC related pictures to albums and categories. This saves the need to use imgur for our wiki, applications, and site pictures
  • a wiki system completely integrated with the site. The old wiki is still linked in the subnav under 'Wiki'
  • A much smoother and feature rich forum system. Loads faster, better organized, and much easier to navigate
  • trophy system on the forums. Each trophy represents a link on a maesters chain. Get these by posting and contributing and others. See the full list in your user profile'
  • If you donate, you can get a custom usertitle under your forum name in addition to the custom title you get in the game. You also get the gold link trophy

This was a big move for WesterosCraft. There are going to be some kinks we have to iron out. If you have any issues, comments, or bugs/perm issues to report, please report them here.

The old site is STILL ACTIVE if you need to grab any information from there. The address is http://testwesteros.enjin.com/forum

Again, thank you for your patience and I hope this makes our community even better than it already is. Expect more features and events in the future.

-geeberry (formally pizzainacup)

Welcome travelers!
From the diligent masters of the (soon to be built) citadel comes the first edition of the rookery, although still a work in progress, it is sent out in hopes of reaching the farthest corners of the known world. Made available to Guests and Builders, Coders, Moderators and RPG management, it seeks not only to inform about novelties of builds, the RPG and staff but also to entertain. Secure yourself a copy, and supply ample feedback.

New Additions:
In the past months, several new builders have joined our ranks!
Here they are listed below:
Tobyey [N]
ZoSo_666 [N]
He_who_is_red [N]
An_escaped_duck [N]
oOiOoMajic [N]
GangstaCat [N]
Kruemmel0409 [N]
Blauerflo91 [N]
Rattelz [N]
CashBanks [N]
Cl0udkid [N]
GreyJedi [RB]
Along with all of these builders, very recently eriklessiass has also returned after a long period of absence, he was the leader of Crowsnest which in its time was one of the peak builds of the Stormlands.

As we are now roughly half way through the year we see that plenty of projects are still being started and completed.
The Wall and Beyond:
Westwatch by MDMeaux = Approved
Crasters Keep by JustCallMeJack = Completed
The North:
House Wull = abandoned
In lighter news however, traction is once again picking up on SMP’s White Harbour after the completion of the Red keep /warp whiteharbour and grab a plot!
The Riverlands
House Terrick by Arkilstorm = Completed
House grell by Mamorb = Approved
The Vale
House Wydman by Boliiid = Approved
The Iron Islands
Wait, what?!?! We actually have a region completed, you must be insane!

The Westerlands
House Peckledon by Birdman7 = Completed
The Crownlands
House Blount by MDMeaux = Completed
House Cargyll by Ertylink = Completed
House Rollingford by Andy_Jones = Approved
House Edgerton by 7JG7 = Approved

The Stormlands
House Wylde by Aslan = Completed
However Aslan has now been allowed to also do...
Dear people of WesterosCraft,

It’s been a while, but I am excited to announce the next seasonal contest!

The contest will start this saturday, 15th of July, and will end on monday the 28th of August. Building time will start and end at GMT 8:00.

The theme of the 3rd edition of the seasonal contest will be The Stepstones. Are pirates and slavers just your kind of thing? Let your imagination go wild and surprise us!

As usual, Guests are allowed to compete as well! Please follow this link and leave us your username. Your submission will only count if you have been on our server before under that username. Builders do not need to fill in this form.

Contest entries will be judged during a 2 week period after the end of contest, in which members of staff will award points to their top 3 favourite builds. The spoils for this contest:
  • 1st place wins you a booty worth $30.
  • 2nd place wins you treasure worth $15.
  • 3rd place wins you spoils worth $10.

The contest can be found at /warp contest and /warp summer17.

Good luck and have fun!