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MMO Survey!

pizzainacup ADMIN posted 5 hours ago

WesterosCraft is looking for some feedback and your preferred playtype for our upcoming MMO.  Will you help us out by taking this survey?


Coming to RTX this weekend?  So are we!  We would love to meet you all who have supported us through the years and who helped make the booth possible.  Be sure to download the RTX Event app in your phones app store and keep updated there.  See you this weekend!


seiha thank you คาสิโนออนไลน์ ในรูปแบบใหม่ล่าสุดจาก ป ...

Call for RTX Donations!

pizzainacup ADMIN posted Jul 14, 15

First off, I'd like to apologize. I'd like to apologize for not asking enough money during the Indiegogo campaign, and I'd like to apologize for having to ask for community donations now. Unforeseen expenses associated with the booth came up which include electricity fees, shipping fees for supplies (that I assumed would be free due to my Amazon Prime shipping but was not the case) and just general random knickknacks needed for constructing the Iron Throne and painting the banners (which look awesome by the way!). I contribute all of this to first time gaming convention experience and if WesterosCraft ever goes to another one, we will be better prepared in the future!

Good news is, I believe ALL of the necessary booth supplies have been purchased and nothing else needs to be bought in that regards.

However, there's a couple of things that are considered 'optional' but I would, and I know many people would, like to see at our booth. Stickers, and business cards with information about our server on them. For 500 stickers, it would cost around $150 to have them printed and shipped. Business cards would be around $70. I think purchasing both of these items would greatly increase our overall booth presence at RTX!

With our remaining budget, I'd like to raise an addition $150. More than that could only get us more stickers/business cards to hand out. Any help is much appreciated.

To donate, please go here: https://secure.squarespace.com/commerce/donate?donatePageId=54bb0e99e4b0ac034b2724c6

For paypal donations, please donate here: https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/pizzainacup

I will keep a total amount of donations here: $270/$150

Thank you!